Why in English?

People often ask us: what do you actually do in New Language Coaching? And the simplest answer to that is group and individual coaching in English. Why in English?

You may be wondering why we are inviting you to do two challenging things at the same time. Isn’t asking yourself powerful questions about important things demanding enough? Why should I do it in English which requires extra effort?

We met with Ola in a coaching school. I was an English teacher, and Ola was a curator and facilitator working with international groups. What brought me to coaching was the fact that I was losing faith in “traditional language learning and teaching” and I was looking for other approaches. I realised that what I was doing in my English programme was more similar to coaching – uncovering potential, finding new perspectives, basing on talents and creating an action plan. 

New Language Coaching is about doing (at least) two things at the same time: coaching and English. 

Why coaching?

We believe coaching is the most effective way of learning, both language and about oneself. Coaching, in our approach, assumes partnership in a safe and accepting environment. This is exactly what we need to learn effectively. Learning is easier when it is meaningful, your own and stress-free. That is why coaching is the method.

Why in English?

What’s the best way to learn something? Doing it! Learning by doing has many advantages. When you use English as a tool to communicate with others in a group or with your coach in a one-to-one, you have a real purpose to get your message across, be understood and understand. Learning in such circumstances is natural. 

What if I make a mistake? 

If you make a mistake, you make a mistake. Period. That’s not the point. The point is to communicate and English is just a tool. If it’s just a tool, you treat it like that, and not like a goal in itself. This should reduce the language barrier and the fear of making an error.

But what if I make the same mistake all over again and make it stick with me by that? That’s the coaches’ role. The coaches’ role in our approach is not only to be the partners in a conversation and companions in the process but also modelling English for you, and making sure, without correcting anybody, that it’s the correct language forms that stick with you.

Why two in one?

Like one of our clients said, experiencing that someone can actually understand you and being able to understand others in a foreign language is a proof of your successful communication and a great motivator to succeed.

Empathic listening to others and being listened to entails speaking and understanding English at a level which is a proof of success. No matter what level of English it is.

It’s a success to realise that you can use simpler words if the right ones are not coming and still communicate. It’s a step forward to experience that you can negotiate the meaning of words with others, ask for clarification, explanation or help. That’s communication and that’s learning by doing. And realising what blocks you or finding out what motivates you may be a coaching goal for you.

So, what is New Language Coaching? 

It’s a coaching process in English which entails learning by doing in the partner relationship with others in the space full of acceptance and empathy.

Looking forward to meeting you there.


New Language Coaching