What to you need to feel comfortable in English?

You need to know what your resources are. What does it mean? You look at what you already have, not what you want to acquire. How does it work? For example, you know that your strength is a sense of humor, empathy, creativity, analysis, self-confidence, precision. Use it when you speak English. It’s so natural in a sense that we employ the strongest parts of ourselves to learn something new. 

Let us tell you what our pilot edition of the “Empowerment and English” program taught us. We were working in a small group, with people open for experiments. They had diverse motivation to take part. Some of them wanted to communicate better at work, others had new challenges ahead and wanted to meet them. There were those who were curious of themselves speaking in a non-native language or they felt an urge to broaden their communication skills. 

Two in One: Coaching + English

What do we propose to you in “Empowerment and English”? Two in one: coaching + English. It’s a beautiful combination, because people talk about things which they sense and they are engaged in the conversation. They had to dive into themselves, not only minds, but also guts and hearts to be in contact and name what is happening with their bodies, what they feel and what they need.  


While doing it, they become more attentive to themselves and interested in keeping relations growing. It is so energy consuming that there is not much space left for doubts and concerns about forgetting words or failing grammar structures. 

Empowerment through group learning 

Additionally, talking to others about emotions, needs, beliefs, goals and discussing how they feel in the learning process reduces the tension and participants gain more self-confidence and they are more open to others. When discussing more difficult things, they are more eager to stay in contact with other people and try to use all their resources (also non-verbal) to get their message across.

I have to say that it was a beautiful moment to accompany participants of our pilot programme in discovering their strengths in a non-native language and to see how they blossom and are more courageous to express themselves. 

To summarize, our method mimics the natural way we learn new things. We take care of a safe environment in which you feel you are a part of the group, you do things which make sense to you and you feel free to experiment. There is no judging, corrections, comparing, showing what is your lack. Instead, we work with the strengths, enhancing relations and attentiveness towards what you feel and need. 

Because our aim is to empower you!   

New Language Coaching