What is the Empowerment and English?

It’s a group coaching process which will empower you to express yourself bravly.

English as a tool

Has speaking in English ever made you feel uneasy? 

Perhaps you are thinking of changing your job but every offer says you need to speak English fluently and you start sweating even when you think about it? Or maybe you’d like to have English speaking clients for your services?

Or maybe you feel embarrassed at work when you need to speak English during a meeting and freeze in spite of all those years of learning.

Perhaps you’ve just started dating somebody and you want to talk about the things which are the most important for you?

Free to express

Imagine feeling safe in expressing your needs, feelings and opinions! Can you feel it in each of your body cells? 

This is how it will feel when you learn how to work on your strengths and treat them as a base on which the other things can be built.

It’s not a language course. It’s a regular coaching process and English is a tool, though we know you may struggle with it, or not! If you feel you want to do it in English, the programme is for you!

Learning by doing

We believe that the best way to master a language is to learn how to express yourself freely. 

It’s not about specific words and grammar. It’s about confidence in conversations based on your connection with your emotions and values. 

Our group coaching in English is about fun and lightness.

It’s about being with other people in a way you choose and cultivating your authentic self. 

And, at the same time, you can fulfil your need for achievement by saying: speaking English – done!

Ready to try?

Join our New Language Coaching programme. 

Each of our group couching meetings has a similar structure. We begin with empathic listening and we end up with a closing round. What is happening in the middle is always new. Every week we plan different exercises so you can experience your skills and resources through inspiring situations. 

You will explore your needs and values, focus on your goals or realise how your beliefs and habits are acting in your life. We are also planning for you to get creative and experiment.

We offer you two in one: self-development + English