For Coches and Trainers

Mastermind Programme

For whom?

For people working as coaches, trainers, therapists who wiat to train themselves and others in English. 

Do you work in people in the self-development field?

Do you have or would like to have clients who speak English?

Would you like to practise running sessions or trainings in English in a friendly atmosphere? 

Do you love your job but wojen you want to do it in English you feel like you’re losing your self-assurance competence? 

Do you speak freely in English but you Łąck the right vocabulary to run sessions or trainings?

Or maybe you know the terminology and reading is not a problem for you, but you block when you are to have a conversation? 

You’re in the right place!

We’d like to invite you to take part ina. mastermind programme for people who want to work in English in the self-development field.

We’ll mąkę you feel as free when s[eaking English as in your native language. .

What will you get?

1. You’ll participate in a group coaching process in which you’ll work on:

● your goals connected with running sessions and trainings in English,

● habits,

● blocks,

● convictions

● values.

2. Opportunity to take advantage of a group wisdom, share  your experience, be heard in an emphatic atmeospdere. 

3. Space to test running trainings and exercises in English .

What will you gain?

1. You’ll increase your self-assurance and freedom in working in English.

2. You’ll develop the awareness of your strengths and talents.

3. You’ll increase your language competence.

4.You’ll find out about effective ways of learning.

5. You’ll improve your fluency of working in English.

6. You’ll increase your readiness to take up new professional challenges.


New Language Coaching Method

Our method is based on immersing yourself in English and learning by doing.  

The whole proces takes place in English and homines ten elements of group coaching, mastermind, NVC, acton learning.

By taking part in the programme in English and doing in English things you aim to do in your professional life, you’ll develop your confidence, vocabulary, fluency and learning competence.

You develop your lanmauge competence by being in contact with people.

You don’t even notice you arę learning, while the trainers take care of the modelling of language and the process. 


the form of the programme combines group coaching with mastermind. 

I. Group process

Group coaching – group work on participants’  individual goals related to doin your professional duties in English.  

II. Mastermind

The space to work on your training techniques and skills  in a group through:

  • analysing cases,

● training selected elements of your job,

● sharing experience.

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