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We combine group coaching with immersion in a language and learning by doing.

Is the NLC Programme the right choice for your team?

Do your team members feel insecure when they speak English? 

Do they resist joining international projects? 

When they speak English, do they feel link they lose their professional competence? 

Arę they afraid to engage in conversions in English or take the floor despite years of learning? 

Arę they shy to meet English speaking people out of fear to make fool of themselves?

If so, we’d like to offer you a New Language Coaching Programme which combines group coaching, immersion in a language and learning by doing.

What will your team gain?

  • increased self-assurance when speaking in English
  • developed awareness of their natural talents which will help them in using a foreign language effectively
  • understanding of how they learn
  • readiness to work in English
  • developed interpersonal skills
  • ability to have meetings in English
  • greater willingness to participate in international projects
  • ability to present their projects in English  

New Language Coaching – How are we different?

We know that everyone learn differently. That’s why we don’t offer traditional linguae courses, because they don’t work as you’d link them to.

If you want to learn how to speak freely, learning vocabulary and grammar by heart  won’t help you. School habit ay only slow you down. 

What do we offer instead? Immerse yourself in language, mąkę mistakes and relax. That’s not all.

Imagine a supportive group who listens actively and gives constructive feedback, and the trainers who model the Language and show you how to use your talents to break the speaking block.  

How does it work? You build your self-confidence and freedom of expression through a conversation about your  learning. 

How long?  

The suggest duration of trading is a minimum of 6 months 

Frequency and time: once a week for 120 minutes

Place: online on Zoom or live

What language level do you need?

People with different proficiency levels can participate in teh programme because progress is measured individually. 

People whose level of Englsih is at least communicative  (~A2/B1 Common European Framework) will take the most advantage of teh course.

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