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Would you like to find your own path in life or career?

Do you want to define your goals?

Do you need support in going through crises?

Let’s do it in English.

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Group coaching in English to empower you to express yourself bravely

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a path that you walk with your coach in order to be able to do it on your own later. 

It is about a partner relationship where the responsibility for the goal is on the client and the coach is responsible for the process.

It will give you the feeling of self-agency and independence in solving your questions thanks to the broadened perspective.

Being mindful of here and now as well as openness, sharing and trust that give insight into yourself are the basis of our approach.


Who Is Coaching For?

 It is for you if you:

want to know yourself better,

want to see yourself from a broader perspective,

want to be braver in daily life and work,

 strive for better communication,

crave for empowering relations,

want to go through the change or crisis,

want to get into contact with your needs and values in the context of what you want for yourself, 


you don’t want anybody’s good advice because you sense you have it in you. You just need a coach to assist you on the way.




What is The Process Like?

Group coaching is a series of meetings in which participants learn from each other thanks to a variety of attitudes and perspectives.

In group coaching, every participant comes to the process with their own goal in mind and uses the group insight and wisdom to see the challenges from many different perspectives.

In group coaching, you can give and take by sharing in the atmosphere of trust. You’ll dive into the learning situation which is safe, participatory and inclusive.

Group coaching  in English is a series of sessions where every meeting may be dedicated to a different area, such as values, needs, emotions or goals.

1. Needs and values

What is important for you? What is the core of all your actions? Have you ever thought about it?  What drives you in life? 

Sometimes you may think that you must go on holiday, and precisely by the sea… and you think this is your need. But is it? Maybe you just need some rest, and this is your need. How about identifying what it is?  Let’s do it together. 

2. Goals

Is there anything you’d like to accomplish right now, but have no idea where to start? Are you wondering if it even makes sense? 

What is your vision of yourself? What prevents you from realising it?

Working in a group you can see your goals from many different perspectives.

Set your goals to get a point of reference on your path.

3. Habits and beliefs

Do you want to leave your old ways behind? Would you rather make some things in your life differently?

Or maybe you even don’t know you can do things in a different way?

Changing your habits doesn’t need to hurt. Identify your triggers and cross that line. 

4. Strengths

What are you good at? What do people ask you to help them with? What is your natural way of dealing with things? 

Acknowledge  your strengths and let them make your life fuller… and easier.

Yes, you do have strengths, too! We’re sure, yes!

5. Empathy

Would you like to be listened to and seen? Would you like to listen to and see others. We mean, like really hear and see them.

Striving to build close relationships and set healthy boundaries at the same time? Practise emphatic listening with us and develop your emphatic skills to see for yourself what mature empathy can be like.

It is addictive. Beware. 

5. Attention

Do you feel like you are losing focus? Does mindful attention seem like an unattainable goal for you? Are you ready to take responsibility for your actions? 

Attention on yourself and your impact on others is no manipulation. It’s the ability to be here and now, prioritising your activities, and focus on what’s the most important…for now. Being with others is like dancing – sometimes you lead and sometimes you let others lead you.


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About Us

Małgorzata Mazurek – English teacher and coach, blogger and author. Has been teaching English for 20 years, among others to the military personnel, only to discover that language learning is the most effective when it is light, fun and goal oriented. She believes in learning by doing and having fun, developing your strengths instead of improving weaknesses as well as treating English as a tool and not as a goal. She assists people in achieving their language objectives.

Aleksandra Jach – coach and certified facilitator. For many years, she has worked with international and interdisciplinary groups in a field of culture. She curated numerous art shows, wrote many texts, and edited several books. Ola is involved in climate movement through ecological education and sustainable development of organisations. She believes that creativity will save us and our planet. To master this superpower, first you have to feel safe in expressing who you are, and Ola assists other people in reaching this point.



“Ola and Gosia created a space full of empathy and acceptance, the space in which I felt safe.
This allowed me to open and attempt to “speak” English despite the feeling of my mind going blank, and to my greatest surprise, others understood what I wanted to express.
I strongly experienced the fact that communication is not only words. I learned to choose simpler words when I couldn’t find those I wanted. It turned out that I can speak and be understood.”
– Monika Tumidaj, Scrum Master


“Group programme in English was a huge challenge for me. I’ve always struggled with a language barrier. I love talking but English stopped me. Thanks to Gosia and Ola, I felt brave enough to face this challenge. They created the atmosphere of safety and acceptance which became my key to success. And my success was the fact that I managed to speak in an international group during the programme. I took this courage for my foreign trip. And right now, I’ve just given information in English to tourists in Wawel. 😉 Those acts of courage still give me joy! 😍 Thank you! 😘
– Sylwia Zasada, voice and breathing coach


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